"I Will Never Lie To You,

You Have My Word On That."


Hi, It's Me!

Hi, It's Kayleigh. As @RobertMackey wrote, I'm "paid by you to lie to you on behalf of a President who lies every day about winning an election that he lost." I also carry around folders of random paper that really have nothing to do with advancing this country. It's all there for show.

As a little girl I would dream about lying for a living. Some girls played with Barbies, but not me. I would lie to my friends about how the Barbies were made, where they came from, and who really owns them. 

As a teenager I would carry around a big folder of random papers and make-believe there was important information on them. There wasn't, of course! LOL!

This website will continue to add content as I continue down my nowhere path of lies. Keep checking back!




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